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Acupuncture is an ancient modality that has been around for thousands of years. Treatments can naturally improve health and wellbeing. By inserting thin, single-use sterile needles into the surface of the skin, it can help promote blood circulation, lymph flow, stimulate the brain’s release of endorphins, and improve physiological processes.

Facial Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is a holistic therapy that treats the whole body, while also addressing issues that arise on the face. Mei Rong translates to ‘Beautiful Appearance’ and is a nonsurgical approach which is specifically designed to improve facial appearance preventatively and as an anti-aging option. Visible results can be seen after the first treatment. Long lasting changes generally occur with a series of ten sessions. Facial acupuncture leaves you looking and feeling your best, from the inside out.

      • rejuvenate the skin & muscles of the face and neck
      • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
      • increases collagen and improves skin elasticity
      • reduce inflammation, redness, and acne
      • improve circulation and lymph flow to reduce puffiness
      • restore skin health and gives that healthy glitter & glow.

You can produce your own collagen, but your body isn’t just going to do it for you, you need something to stimulate it – insert the facial needles!

Facial Gua Sha

This ancient modality has recently found new popularity! Facial Gua Sha gives your face a mini workout! It can help tender, congested, and/or sensitive skin. The key behind Facial Gua Sha is that it utilizes the innate healing properties of gemstones to gently massage and contour the face. Facial gua sha has similar benefits to facial cupping listed above. Additionally, research studies have shown:
      • An increase in collagen production
      • The ability to contour Facial fascia and train your face to hold your muscles in a different way with repeated treatments
      • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
Glowing skin is an exterior manifestation of your interior health. Facial Gua Sha can also be easily used at home as part of your selfcare routine.

Face Cupping

Small glass suction cups gently slide along the face to promote micro-circulation which encourages cell repair. Other benefits include:
      • Increasing blood flow and circulation which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. The results are an enhanced complexion and improvement to overall skin health
      • Reducing inflammation and redness
      • Releasing muscle tension and stiffness from stress as the result of teeth clenching or grinding
      • Clearing sinus congestion
      • Reducing pain by increasing endorphin levels in the brain and body
      • Activating lymphatic drainage by removing toxins
Your face and neck will feel fresh, look glowing, and have a more sculpted and contoured appearance.

LED Light Therapy

LED increases the production of collagen and elastin, improves circulation and lymphatic flow, and stimulates healthy cell production and metabolism. Simply put, red and blue LED light sources provide damaged cells with added energy so the cell’s performance is enhanced. These repaired cells will increase collagen and elastin production in connective tissue to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and increase the rate of healing. Research has shown that LED light therapy:
      • Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
      • Accelerates the rate of tissue repair
      • Kills acne bacteria
      • Improves overall skin tone, texture, and clarity
      • Decreases under eye wrinkles 
      • Decreases inflammation, skin irritations, and redness
      • Reduces muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and spasms
LED light therapy is cleared by the FDA for pain management and skin care. The treatment is non-invasive, painless, requires no recovery time, and can be used safely on all skin types.


Microcurrent is one of the hottest innovations in the anti-aging industry. Think of regular Microcurrent treatments as a healthy diet and workout routine for your face — treatments are your exercise and topical skincare is your nutrition. Together they help tone, contour, firm, and smooth the look of wrinkles for beautiful, long-lasting results.

Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current, while also providing both instant and cumulative anti-aging results. It truly helps reverse the aging clock! Its current works sub-sensory by gently stimulating the skin, tissue, and muscles of your face and neck with microcurrents that improve:
      • Even and balance skin tone
      • Contour and sculpt the face and neck for an enhanced lifted appearance
      • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles that appear as smile lines, crow’s feet and eyebrow furrows.
Microcurrent is clinically tested and FDA approved therapy treatment that can improve the production of healthy collagen and elastin while energizing facial muscles. The treatment is soothing and most clients feel nothing at all. It can be tailored to all types of skin and muscle tone.


Dermarolling is a natural treatment that enhances the overall look and feel of your skin. Dermarolling treatments are a form of Microneedling. The tool  has hundreds of super tiny needles which when rolled on the face, gently prick the face to create microtraumas. These microtraumas activate the healing response in the face which stimulates healthy collagen production improving skin tone and repairs damaged skin. Other benefits include:
      • Restoring the look of skin tightness relating to signs of aging
      • Improving production of healthy collagen and elastin in skin cells
      • Reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks
      • Speeding up the reduction and appearance of uneven, pitted skin tone and texture
This treatment is non invasive and requires no down time.

Body Acupuncture

Acupuncture is well known for both preventative and corrective conditions. It can treat a wide range of illnesses and pain due to it’s holistic approach. 

Below are a few common conditions it can treat:

ACUTE: Headaches, Strains / Sprains, Immune boost during cold/flu season

CHRONIC: Anxiety / Depression, Insomnia, Fatigue, Headaches / Migraines, Autoimmune Disorders (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s, Hashimoto’s, Graves, etc.), Digestive Disorders (IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Gastritis, Indigestion, GERD, Acid Reflux, Bloating, etc.), Skin Disorders (Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Scars), Gynecological Issues (PCOS, Endometriosis, Pain and Cramping, PMS, Heavy Menstrual Flow, Irregular Periods), Infertility, Pre/postnatal Care

MAINTENANCE: Acupuncture’s holistic mind, body, soul approach treats the whole body while also treating specific symptoms. Many patients come in for monthly, quarterly, or annual “tune-ups” for prevention and/or to reset yourself.